Our Superintendent expertise provides accurate estimating, efficient project management, and effective cost-control. Each Construction site is assigned a Superintendent to be the point-of-contact. Furthermore, our years of experience have gained us the knowledge to customize construction efforts to suit each specific construction project, and bring difficult and sensitive projects to successful completion.

Our Superintendents and Managers have over 25 years of combined Cell Site Construction experience ranging from: Rooftop sites on high profile hotels, businesses, Church steeples, Clock Towers, Monoplams/pines, Flagpoles, Light Poles and Southern California Edison Tower Sites.

Stargate Communications subcontracts a small percentage of the work to significantly reduce delays in completion, cost overruns, and inconsistent job quality. Furthermore, the quality of work provided by our subcontractors is of the finest workmanship.

We believe that our Competitive Advantage is a result from the mutual trust and respect that we share with our customers, subcontractors, and valuable employees. Our dedication and commitment to quality construction, ethical business practices, and competitive pricing structures has earned us the privilege of repeat business.

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